Before every migration it is good practice to backup your data safely!

You can migrate your data between two devices using PocketMoney Sync (in PocketMoney GT, you can find it tapping on the icon at the bottom right in the main account screen).

  • You have to be under the same wi-fi to be able to synchronise, so check that your wi-fi is on and you’re not under cellular network!
  • If you use the sync with desktop, and use software firewalls in it, please allow the use of PocketMoney or shut them down!

Once you open PocketMoney Sync, you have to configure your source device as “server” and your recipient device as “client” and turn on the option “Restore from server”.

Once the restore is performed you can use your new device and use again PocketMoney sync just to synchronise your data between devices, remembering that the source must always be configured as server and the recipient as client. Clearly when you just use it for synchronising data you do not have to turn on anymore the option “restore from server”.