Dear PocketMoney users, a new version of PocketMoney GT is currently under Apple review.

In this release we have worked mainly on fixes and user interface improvements:

– Fixed the issue with exchange rates not updating (changed the abandoned Yahoo Finance APIs)
– The display options are now under each relevant section
+ Possible to hide accounts
+ Possible to hide each custom field
– Data transfer and iCloud are now under the export section
– Dropbox link / unlink is now integrated in the backup menu
– Fixed the bug which was crashing the App when sending a backup through email
– Fixed the big space when adding photo receipts

If you can’t wait to have the updated app, instead of waiting for Apple to notify the update, you can check yourself at this link (usually updated before Apple notifies you):

We are currently working hard to fix few other issues before moving on with a major update of the App.

Best regards
The PocketMoney Team