PocketMoney installs several Account Type icons for you by default, but you can create and install your own, also.

Use 30×30 icons for old displays, and use 60×60 for retina displays.

The type of the icon needs to be either png or jpg. PNG files are better because you can set the transparency.

As for naming them…

(30×30): myicon.png

(60×60): myicon@2x.png (must use @2x in name for it to appear correctly on hi-res screens)

Once you create the icon, then you can either:

1. use the “Import from desktop…” option in the Action Button to

send the icons from the SyncDocs Server over Wi-Fi to install into PocketMoney on the iPhone.

2. use iTunes Document Sharing to copy the icons to the PocketMoney folder.

The icons you download into PocketMoney will be listed after the default icons in the Account Icon list.

3. You can add the icon to PocketMoney Desktop app in the Account Info window and when you use PM Sync it will copy it down to iPhone.


Thanks Bifford for reposting