About us

In September 1994, Hardy Macia, an American developer, incorporated the company Catamount Software. The company was known mainly for a personal financial management and budgeting software, PocketMoney, which was released in 1994 for the first Apple handheld: the Apple Newton, and since then, acclaimed by users and professional reviewers (MacWorld, MacUser and Pen Computing Magazine).

In 2008, PocketMoney achieved further success with its release on the new Apple App Store. The app was released for the iPhone and then iPad and Mac, other than Android, Windows, Linux, Palm and Windows CE. With over 2.5 million views every year, 1 million downloads and about ¼ of a million users worldwide, the app is one of the most viewed and downloaded financial apps on the Apple App store.
In 2013, following the death of Hardy Macia, there was a halting to the development of the software, which restarted in 2016, when few investors bought out the company, aiming at using PocketMoney as starting point for the development of a financial ecosystem.
In 2017 one of the investors, Giuseppe Tondini, an Italian Wealth Manager working in one of the European FinTech capitals: Zürich, Switzerland, has taken over the project aiming at leveraging his experience to move forward with the development of the new platform.
In 2019 PocketMoney GmbH is incorporated.